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 Live Streaming

We have honed the art of bringing your beloved events live to the virtual world flawlessly. We have worked on the technology, invested in and customized the equipment, put together a team with relevant experience in technology & media and proved our capabilities.

We Live Stream

  • Product & Service Launch
  • Conference
  • Seminar
  • Cultural Events
  • Govt. Functions & Events
  • Election Campaigns
  • School / College Functions
  • Sports Events
  • News Coverage
  • Family Events & Functions


We have put together quality equipment customized to cater to Indian conditions. We have invested in quality HD encoders, Internet bonding equipment, multiple LTE Internet connectivity and mobile power backup which can power our equipment for hours on the go.

Our Hallmark

  • HD Cameras
  • High Quality Encoder
  • Internet Bonding (LRT)
  • Low Latency Routers
  • Multiple LTE Internet
  • Customized Power Backup
  • Technical Team
  • Media Team
  • Digital Marketing Team


Claiming pinnacle in service business carries no meaning unless it is available and affordable to people in all walks of life. Our motto is to serve people and grow linearly without any urgency to make quick bucks. We have invested ourselves to the fullest so that there aren't any redundant resources in the team who could eat in to the production costs. This way we have put every effort to keep the services very affordable in contemporary standards. You can be assured that you would get the value for the money spent on our services.

We Assure

  • Low Cost
  • Value for money
  • Success Story

Road Ahead ..

We are progressing towards refinement of our current services with every event that we are covering. Every event coverage is a new experience. Every feedback is precious. We are also working ahead in time to bring advanced futuristic technology in the field to your city.

We are currently beta testing technology for live broadcasting of events in 4K & UHD resolution. Customers can expect us to roll-out the services in the second half of 2019.

We are also working on 360 degree VR live broadcasting of events. This can give a futuristic experience to viewers, especially for concerts and sports events. Customers can also expect us to roll-out these services in the second half of 2019.

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